About Integrated Data Management System

Integrated Data Management System (IDMS) is a comprehensive and interoperable digital platform meticulously designed to facilitate seamless inter-governmental data sharing and the efficient dissemination of valuable data in the public domain, adhering to the FAIR principles

IDMS ensures the fairness, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability of data, providing a robust framework for secure and transparent data management. Rather than being a standalone system, it functions as a channel to connect data from existing digital systems, delivering standardized data to all stakeholders.

With IDMS, our objective is to revolutionize data management practices within governments, empowering decision-makers with actionable insights and facilitating evidence-based policymaking. IDMS is specifically designed to tackle the challenges of data silos, lack of standardization, and limited data utilization mechanisms prevalent in government settings.

IDMS is powered by CKAN, the world’s leading open-source DMS.

How it works

Functional Diagram
  1. Data Collection: IDMS streamlines the collection of data from diverse sources within government entities, spanning management information systems, surveys, and other pertinent data repositories.
  2. Data Integration: Once collected, the data seamlessly integrates into the IDMS platform, where it undergoes preprocessing and standardization procedures to ensure uniformity and compatibility.
  3. Data Analysis: Decision-makers have access to the integrated data through a suite of analytical tools and visualization techniques embedded within the IDMS. This empowers them to extract valuable insights and identify trends, patterns, and correlations crucial for informed decision-making.
  4. Decision Making: Equipped with these actionable insights, decision-makers are poised to make well-informed decisions and devise policies that effectively address pressing challenges while capitalizing on emerging opportunities.
  5. Capacity Building: IDMS goes beyond data provision; it encompasses comprehensive training sessions and capacity-building initiatives aimed at empowering users with the requisite skills and knowledge to harness the full potential of the platform in their operational endeavors.

Key Features

  1. Comprehensive Datastore: Provides comprehensive datastore features to enhance the current data management mechanisms.
  2. Interactive Visualization: Enables interactive visualization and dashboards using stored datasets.
  3. Themeable: Fully customizable to align with specific brand requirements.
  4. Publish and Manage Data: User-friendly web interface for publishers and curators to effortlessly register, update and manage datasets.
  5. Share and Integrate: Facilitates easy access and sharing of datasets with the general public for utilization and integration.
  6. Search and Discovery: Offers a comprehensive search experience with keyword search and filtering based on tags and categories.
  7. Data API: Simplifies integration for all users, allowing external code to seamlessly utilize the data API.
  8. Metadata: Automatically includes a robust set of metadata for each dataset, with the flexibility to add additional attributes as needed.
  9. Geospatial: Encompassing advanced geospatial features that include data preview, search, and discovery.

Potential Impact

  1. Improved Governance: Facilitating better data utilization and decision-making processes, the IDMS holds the potential to significantly enhance governance outcomes and service delivery within government institutions.
  2. Enhanced Transparency: IDMS serves as a catalyst for transparency and accountability by making data easily accessible to citizens. This fosters greater trust and engagement between governments and the public, ultimately promoting a more open and accountable governance framework.
  3. Empowered Communities: Through the provision of data-driven insights, the IDMS empowers communities by enabling governments to address their needs more effectively. This leads to positive socio-economic outcomes and fosters a sense of empowerment among citizens.

Join us in our endeavor to revolutionize data management and decision-making processes within governments. Together, we can shape a future where governance is driven by data, characterized by transparency, and inclusive of all stakeholders. Let's collaborate! We're just an email away.


We are grateful for the generous support provided by the Data for Development (D4D) Programme in Nepal, which has been instrumental in the initiation and development of the IDMS.